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Discreet Japanese Design

SAIKYO is a Japanese term for “the strongest”, a fitting name for SAIKYO eyewear, which represents its supreme quality that is long-lasting from destruction and corrosion.

SAIKYO eyewear shows a different vision of the world, representing its own timeless simplicity. Each SAIKYO eyewear is a piece of art that displays aesthetics, innovative technology and the attitude of craftsmanship. 

SAIKYO eyewear shows the world of Japanese design of discreet, timeless elegance and endless simplicity. Each SAIKYO eyewear represents a commitment to excellence. 


Brand Value/DNA 

/ The Aesthetics of Eyewear 

Inspired by Japanese minimalist fine aesthetics, each SAIKYO eyewear is a piece of art of work that reflects its timeless beauty in every detail. 

/ The Art of Metal 

Only choose the selective finest metals from around the world, from stainless steel to titanium, we are committed to transforming raw materials into exquisite art of works with the utmost care and with an innate understanding of its characteristics through innovative technology. 

/ The Attitude of Craftsmanship 

  • Attention to Detail. Every component, from hinge to temple is carefully developed to produce a striking reflective aesthetic 

  • A Passion for Perfection. Our artisans monitor and manage every step of the production process to ensure that every pair is superior produced and is in perfect condition, which means SAIKYO frames are incredibly strong and durable, yet the most comfortable in the world!  

  • Each frame is crafted with function and purpose in mind, as well as delicate design by our master craftsmen who spend their lives perfecting their crafts skills. 


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