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Why it is so important to have a pair of Anti-blue light eyeglasses

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Nowadays, almost everyone is talking about blue light, but do you know how bad the blue light is? Why is it so harmful to your eyes?

So first, let me explain to you what blue light is, blue light is high-energy visible light that is closest to UV light. Its wavelength is between 385-505nm. It is most commonly seen via natural light and everyday technology.

visible spectrum

Though blue light is everywhere, it doesn’t mean that every blue light is harmful to your health.

Blue light divides into two types, the good one is beneficial to your health, while the other is harmful to your health.

The beneficial blue light's wavelength is between 445-505mm, it makes you feel better and relaxed and improves your memory, while the harmful blue light's wavelength is between 385-445mm, it may cause macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blurry vision or vision loss.


When using electronic devices for a long time, you find you have such symptoms as dry eyes, tears, blurry vision, and line missing or recurrent when reading and difficulties in concentration, you need to be fully aware of this situation. A pair of anti-blue light eyeglasses to protect your eyes is essential.

But do you know what kind of anti-blue light lens to choose? Whether that mentions the anti-blue light lens is good enough for you?

anti-blue light lenses

Just like what we talked above, blue light has the good one and the bad one, perfect anti-blue lens shall not only block the harmful blue light but transmit the beneficial blue light. High light transmittance lenses are a great choice.

When choosing the high light transmittance lenses, you can reduce your eye strain caused by Chromatic aberration and better protect your eyes.


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