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What do you need to know if you order Rx Eyeglasses Online?

After the COVID-19 outbreak, more and more businesses were closed, including optician stores. But with the need for a pair of eyeglasses is increasing, more and more people choose to order the prescription eyeglasses online.

So how to place an online Rx eyeglasses Order?

Step 1 Choose the right Lenses that fit for your eyes

----------------------------Refractive Index----------------------------

Lens refractive index will affect the thickness of the lens, the higher the index is, the thinner the lens is.

If you are extremely shortsighted, or you have high astigmatism, you'd better go to the optician store rather than online ordering.


Choose lenses that have such functions as waterproof, dustproof and anti-reflective


If you spend a lot of time using digital devices every day, you may find the anti-blue light lens is a great fit.

If you spend a lot of time outside or expose to sunshine all day long, the photochromic lens is a great fit for you to bring you the UV protection and reduce the glare

If you spend a lot of time reading or doing sophisticated work, you may always feel tired of your eyes, find the anti-fatigue lens to reduce the tiredness of your eyes.

STEP 2 Choose the Eyeglasses

Choose the right eyeglasses will not only add styles to your look but also beautify your face shape.

Lens thickness is affected by your diopter power, lens refractive index, and your lens size.

Usually, the larger the lens size is, the thicker the edge is. If you're extremely nearsighted, you may find a pair of small size with full rim eyeglasses might be a perfect fit, but do not choose rimless, half rim or oversized eyeglasses. If you are slightly shortsighted, you can choose almost any style that you prefer following your face shape.

Step 3 Get your Prescription

Whether your prescription is correct or not will highly affect your comfort of eyeglasses wearing experience.

Fill in the four essential information from your prescription, that is, OS/OD, PD, Cylinder, and Axis.

So how to read the prescription? What does it mean?

L or OS, means left eye, while R or OD means right eye.

S (Spherical Powers) means the diopter power, “ –“ means shortsighted, while “+” means farsighted

C (Cylindrical Powers): The number shows the lens power needed to correct your astigmatism

A(Axis): The axis means the orientation of astigmatism.

PD(Pupillary Distance) means the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other.

Optometry Tips:

Fully relax before you go to optometry

1. Avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol

2. Choose to do the optometry before noon if possible

3. Close your eyes and rest for around 15 minutes before optometry

4. Do not wear contact lenses for 1 day or two before you go to optometry

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