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How bad it is to Overuse your Eyes before Sleep?

Do you have the habit that you need to use your mobile phone when you lie on your bed before sleep? But do you also realize that you become more excited when you use your mobile phone that makes you even more difficult to fall sleep?

Commonly, we love to check on Facebook/Instagram/Tiktok for a little bit while when we lie on the bed, but usually at this time, we already turn off the light, and all the surroundings become dark. Yes, we may probably quite enjoy the little surfing time before sleep, but this bad habit increases the burden of our eyes, our eyes feel dry, or fatigue.

1. Eyesight Deterioration

During the daylight, we already spend a long time using our eyes, and we do not relax our eyes during the nightlight, the overuse of our eyes cause the eyesight deterioration and eye fatigue, and for children, this habit will cause short-sighted.

2. Damaging blue-violet Light Emitted by Digital Devices

The damaging blue-violet light emitted by digital devices will cause eye fatigue, eye dryness, or conjunctivitis (also called pink eye)

3. The harmful blue-violet light emitted by staring at a screen for a long time before sleep will inhibit the melatonin release, thus affect your quality of sleep.

So how can we better protect our eyes at night?

Change your habit:

Let’s do some exercises such as meditation yoga, plank for a couple of minutes (let’s say 5-10 minutes), you will get excited if the workout time is long, or you can do some eye exercises or massage your stomach or belly.

If you have a desire to use your eyes, you can choose to read a book, a real book, not through digital devices such as Kindle or phone, reading a book helps you relax.

However, reading before sleep also has some requirements that need you to follow to protect your eyes.

1. Spend 30-45 minutes reading before sleep, a maximum of 1 hour.  

2. Keep some lights on in the room, not too bright, not too dark. 

3. Make sure your reading posture is correct, lying on the bed may relax your body, but it harms your eyes, using incorrect posture reading will increase the burden of your eyes. 

4. Massage your eyes and do some eye exercises after reading, it relaxes your eyes.

A good habit of reading before sleep will keep both you and your eyes healthy.

If you fall asleep when you begin to read, then forget about the reading, go to sleep.

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