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Your Important Course for Eye Protection

Stay at home somehow does mean we spend much more time consuming digital devices, from Netflix to online shopping, exposing us to plenty of harmful blue light. However, this is not the only eye problem that we are facing, we are over-consuming our eyes.

Threat 1. Eye Strain

Stay at home means we have much more time reading, which will easily cause eye strain, if this situation gets worse, it may gradually deteriorating vision.

Cause of Eye Strain

  • Insufficient light or too strong light

  • Non-uniform source of light

  • The target is too small, too thin or unstable

  • Refractive errors, failure to correct in time

Symptoms of Eye Strain

➢ Vision Disorder: Experiencing blurred vision or double vision temporarily.

➢ The discomfort of the eyes: Experience itchy eyes, feel eye pain or get eyelid inflammation

➢ Eye Diseases: chronic conjunctivitis, hordeolum, blepharitis, etc.

➢ Whole Body Symptom: It is easy to get tired, have a headache, dizzy, memory loss, nausea, and vomiting, feel anxious

What to do

➢ Blink eyes often

➢ Alternately look further and have a closer look

➢ Reduce the time of reading

➢ Close eyes and have a rest from time to time

Threat 2: Harmful Blue Light

No matter whether we stay at home or not, we do spend a lot of time using digital media, watching Facebook/Instagram, surfing Amazon or eBay for online shopping, or maybe just playing mobile games for a little bit while. The more time we spend with our digital devices, the more harmful we do for our eyes.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is high-energy visible light that is closest to UV light. Its wavelength is between 385-505nm. It is most commonly seen via natural light and everyday technology.

How to distinguish the good blue light and the harmful blue light?

The beneficial blue light wavelength is between 445mm to 505 mm, while the harmful blue light’s wavelength is between 385mm to 445mm.

The beneficial blue light makes you feel better and relaxed and improves your memory, while the harmful blue light may cause macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of blurry vision or vision loss.

What to do to protect our eyes against harmful blue light?

➢ Wear a high-quality pair of anti-blue light/blue light blocking eyeglasses

➢ Reduce the time you spend on digital devices

Threat 3 UV Damages

Ultraviolet is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength from 10mm to 400mm, shorter than that of visible light but longer than X-rays.

The sun’s UV rays increase the risks of cataracts and other certain eye problems. When the situation gets worse, it may even cause blindness.

How to Protect our eyes from UV rays?

➢ Wear hats when going outside

➢ Wear UV protection eyeglasses

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