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True? Have you been cheated for these “vision truths” for such a long time?

Do you think what you have been heard and told about the eyes is true, but are they?

No.1 “Short-sightedness” can Cure.

True myopia is irreversible!

Most of the short-sightedness occurs when the eyes grow slightly too long, the eyeball is not able to recover, and the eye diseases caused by short-sightedness are not able to recover by themselves. Short-sightedness can be corrected instead or cured with the right eyeglasses, contact lenses, and refractive surgery.

No.2 When the kids’ eyesight is deteriorating, they need to wear eyeglasses.

First, we need to know whether kids are true myopia or pseudo-myopia, it can cure if it is pseudo-myopia, but if it is true myopia, wear the right and fit eyeglasses is the right choice.

No. 3 Only wears eyeglasses when feeling difficulty to see!

If you only have low myopia, say no more than 100 diopters, you may choose to wear eyeglasses when needed. But for those who have medium or high myopia, wearing eyeglasses all the time is highly recommended, if not, your eyesight will get worse caused by your ciliary muscle easily gets fatigued.

No. 4 Mydriatic Exam is Harmful to Kids, so a Normal Eye Exam is Good Enough.

Mydriatric Optometry is to get the correct exam result. It uses a method to completely relax the ciliary muscle so that the optometrist is able to check the real situation of eyes. Actually, this exam does no harm to the eyes.

No. 5 No Need to Change Your Eyeglasses unless You Break Them

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

After long-time usage of the eyeglasses, the surface of the eyeglasses will become aging and yellowish, the transmission rate and clarity of the lenses will reduce. An eye exam for those who have short-sightedness every half a year is needed to prevent insufficient diopters.

No.6 The Index will not Increase after We Grow Up

If we overuse our eyes, and always make our eyes fatigue, our short-sightedness will increase because the ciliary muscles are intense when the eyes are overused.

No.7 A Green Plant will Eliminate the Blue Light that Digital Devices Emit.

The wavelength of high energy damaging blue light is between 385mm and 445mm, which will lead to eye fatigue or even macular degeneration. Wear anti-blue light eyeglasses and reduce the time consuming digital devices are better ways to protect our eyes.

But remember to choose those anti-blue eyeglasses that can both block harmful blue light and transmit the good blue light.

No.8 No need to Worry About the UV Damages to the Kids

80% of the UV light in your life is accumulated before the age of 18, over-expose to the UV light will lead to cataract and irreversible eye diseases, kids also need to wear UV blocking eyeglasses to reduce the UV damages.

No 9 No Need to Worry About the Dazzling Light

The intense or changeable light will cause your eyes uncomfortable or even eyesight deterioration. Choose to wear eyeglasses with anti-glare lenses can better protect your eyes.

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